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Refresher driving lessons Haverhill

Refresher driving lessons can be taken for several reasons, listed below are some common reasons we come across.

  • You have passed your driving test but have not driven in some time
  • Your new job requires you to drive
  • Have moved to the UK from another country and need to improve your driving skills
  • Need to improve your confidence if you have perhaps moved to another area
  • Have been banned from driving and need to retake your driving test
  • Will be providing a friend or family member with lessons and need to improve your skills

How many refresher lessons will I need?

The amount of lessons you will need depends on your confidence and how long it has been since you have driven. You wont need to start from the basics even if it has been a long time since you have driven.

Generally 3 to 5 hours is sufficient enough to gain enough confidence to retake the wheel by yourself although everyone has different circumstances.

On your first lesson, one of our experienced male and female driving instructors will help you build your confidence in driving. Also, they will assess your ability and discuss any areas you think need improvement. Based on this, your instructor will give you a good idea of how many lessons you will need.

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How much is a refresher course?

Your fully qualified driving instructor will help you regain confidence and skills needed.

Refresher driving lessons are priced at £22.00 per hour.