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Haverhill Driving School offer intensive courses from only £20 per hour. For further information or to book an intensive course, please call us on:

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Intensive driving courses Haverhill

Intensive driving courses enable you to learn quickly. Often taken just before a driving test, little is forgotten. It is not essential that a driving test is taken just after an intensive. If there is a delay between the course and test then generally two or three lessons will be needed to brush up just before your test.

How long will the intensive course take?

We do not have a set duration that an intensive must be taken. Everyone has different schedules. A 30 hour intensive for example can be taken in one week or spread over several weeks depending on your commitments.

How does the course work?

An intensive course will be taken with the same fully qualified driving instructor throughout the entire duration and the same car you learnt to drive in will be used for your driving test.

Two hours are set aside for the driving test. So if for example you take a 30 hour intensive course then two hours will be reserved for the driving test leaving 28 hours for learning. The test lasts around 40 minutes leaving the remainder of the time to practice and get to the test centre in plenty of time.

For a complete novice, around 30 hours is needed to gain test standard although this varies on the individual. Often an assessment lesson is taken prior to the intensive to establish how many hours will be needed.

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Block booking discounts

Discounts are available as detailed below:

  • 10 hours...... £215.00..... (£21.50 per hour pre-paid)
  • 20 hours.......£420.00 .....(£21.00 per hour pre-paid)
  • 30 hours...... £615.00..... (£20.50 per hour pre-paid)
  • 40 hours...... £800.00..... (£20.00 per hour pre-paid)