Learner drivers frequently asked questions

Establishing a good driving instructor or school from a bad one isn't always easy. Below are some questions you may consider asking when making enquiries. 

dot Are your driving instructors fully qualified?
Certain driving schools use trainee driving instructors. A trainee driving instructor will have completed 2 out of the 3 exams necessary to become fully qualified along with at least 40 hours of training for the final exam. Although a trainee instructor is highly skilled, there still remains the final exam needed to qualify. A trainee instructor will display a pink licence in the windscreen and a fully qualified instructor (ADI) will display a green licence as shown in the photo. A fully qualified instructor (ADI) like those used at Haverhill Driving School have taken and passed all exams and are DSA approved.

How long have you been a driving instructor?
A experienced driving instructor will have lots of experience about the driving test procedure, test routes and will provide valuable tips. Our driving instructors are highly experienced in all areas of driving tuition.

Driving instructor licences

Will I have the same instructor for all my lessons?
Having different driving instructors can possibly lead to confusion during your lessons. Conflicting information and a variation in techniques can become an issue. You could learn the parallel parking manoeuvre for example using certain reference points with one instructor. A different instructors technique could be quite different. Haverhill Driving School provides the same instructor and the same car throughout the entire duration of your course.

Are your instructors patient and friendly?
Unfortunately it's not uncommon to have an instructor who gets a little angry and stressed. An instructor with this type of attitude will have a detrimental effect on your learning. As a learner you will of course make mistakes. If you are in constant fear of being shouted at then this will detract from your ability to learn. As a driving school that relies on reputation and strives for high first time test pass rates it is essential that our instructors are at all times friendly, patient and professional.

What car will I use on my driving test?
All cars are different to drive. Even exactly the same make and model of car will feel a little different to drive. To have the best possible chance of passing your test, ensure your test will be taken in the very same car as you have had in your lessons.

Are your cars dual controlled?
The vast majority of licence driving instructors cars will be dual controlled. For the safety of not only yourself but other road users, before your lessons commence ask your instructor if the tuition vehicle has dual controls fitted. Haverhill Driving School provides tuition vehicles that are dual controlled, well maintained and fully insured for learner drivers.

Where do I start my lessons from?
Most instructors should pick you up from your specified location. To make things easier for yourself, be sure to clarify this with the school or instructor before your lessons commence. Our instructors will pick you from your specified location and drop you off at a different location if required.

Can I take driving lessons in the evening or at weekends?
As most people have a schedule of their own to fit around, finding a school that can work around your schedule will make things easier for you. At Haverhill Driving School we provide lessons in the evening up to 8pm and at weekends.

How much are your lessons?
It may be worth shopping around for lesson prices, bear in mind however that the cheapest isn't always the best. If for instance the average lesson price is £24.00 per hour and a school or instructor is offering lessons at £17.00 per hour, you may wonder why that is. A good school or instructor will have a constant amount of work coming in, largely due to referrals off previous students. A good quality school will not need to advertise too often or charge very low prices as referrals will be their main source of work. . In the Haverhill and Cambridge area prices range from around £20.00 to £26.00 per hour. Our price per hour for driving lessons is £22.00 although block buying an entire course can lower that price to £20.00 per hour.

What is your driving test pass rate?
To enable the best chances of passing your test first time, find a school or instructor with a good test pass rate. The national pass rate for car test from 2008 to 2009 is 45.65. Haverhill Driving School current first time pass rate is 72%. This high pass rate is maintained by providing a structured learning system to our students. The system is easy to understand and key skills easily learnt. Combine this with friendly and patient instructors that provide confidence and a relaxed environment to their students is what enables most of our students to pass their driving test first time.